About Zalt Properties S.L.

Zalt Properties S.L. initially started operations in 2016, but was officially opened in 2017. For fun, it can be mentioned that at the opening of the sales office, the owner arrived too late because a purchase agreement was being signed in La Marina at the same time; the customer is always our number one priority!

It has been really fun to have the honor of working for, and with, such good people as can be seen through time. Many of our customers we now consider our friends, after purchasing their first property and others now buying their second property. Zordis (Þórdís) has been working with great people in real estate since 2001 who respect everyone. Thank you very much for the excellent cooperation and acquaintance.

The last few years have been adventurous. Great staff has joined the group and Zalt's office is now in a new and elegant statehousing. We welcome the diversity of real estate today in Spain and thank everybody very much from us. Without you, dear customers, life would not be the same.

I want to thank you for the trust and good words we have received, the support and friendship, which is the most precious of all.

On behalf of Zalt Properties S.L.

Þórdís Ósk Brynjólfsdóttir (Zordis)


We gladly assist our customers with as much as possible, our services include:

  • Apply for a Spanish identification number, (NIE – (Numero de Identificación Extranjero).
  • Open a bank account at the appropriate commercial bank.
  • Apply for a loan at a commercial bank, obtain and deliver the requested data.
  • General interpretation services.
  • Translation service of documents where legalization is not required.
  • Name changes.
  • Completion service for real estate purchases.
  • Assistance with buying a car.
Ayudamos con mucho gusto y con mucho más.

Why Spain ?

To consider buying real estate abroad is a big decision. Spain is a sunny country with mild climate, which makes Spain a perfect place for rest and relaxation. The weather is generally good all year round, with an average temperature of around 15° in winter and over 300 sunny days per year. There is also convenient air transport between Iceland and Spain.

Increased quality of life can be found under the Spanish sun. The happiness in fresh ingredients, fruit, meat and fish dishes, the golden olive oil and the Spanish quality wines are the key to a relaxed and a healthy lifestyle, where, among other things, it is easy to go for long walks or golf - or take shorter or longer trips around the country. There is plenty to see and do.

The favorable price level is attractive and encouraging for people who want to enjoy and increase their quality of life. The Spanish really know how to enjoy life. They are very friendly and ready to share their joy with you.

Spanish is an exciting and beautiful language, one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. It is not necessary to learn the language, however, we recommend registering for courses and start learning Spanish, especially for the people who intend to stay here.

The Buying Process

Investing in real estate in Spain is quite different from the buying process that you are used to in the real estate environment from other countries. But even if the process is different from what you are used to, the process doesn't have to be so complicated, with the right person by your side.

The staff of Zalt Properties S.L. has decades of experience in selling Spanish real estate. We are reliable and honest and make sure the process goes well and we make sure to provide to you information, advice and the necessary security you need.

Our goals and wishes are for you to experience the Spanish dream and enjoy Spain as much as possible in the most convenient way. For that reason, we are ready to make an effort to provide the very best service possible to make the process enjoyable so you enjoy to the fullest.

Zalt Properties employs both an Icelandic-licensed real estate agent and a Spanish-licensed real estate agent. We work with English, Spanish and Swedish speaking lawyers who are ready to serve. We are also on good terms with skilled tradesmen and we can provide services for the work needed - if requested.

Each person is special, we aim to make your dream unique and follow you in the process.

We welcome you to contact us at Zalt Properties and get started with the buying process. The staff is with you every step of the way, we strive to meet your desired conditions. Above all, it is in our interest to see our customers satisfied.

It's easy to love life in Spain; good weather, good prices and a wonderfully colorful existence.

As a prospective buyer, it is important to get to know which area fascinates you and what real estate suits you. At the same time, it is important to familiarize yourself with which services are available in the area closest to your new Spanish home and then aim your real estate inspection based on all these factors. We are all different, we seek different qualities of life and have different needs.

We at Zalt Properties have full understanding of all this.

Quieroaprender español y vivir el sueño bajo el sol

Sightseeing Trips

Make the Dream come true - book a trip to Spain!

If you are considering buying a property in Spain, we strongly recommend taking a sightseeing tour. A sightseeing tour is a great idea, and definitely the best way to see, feel and experience in person. It is advisable to give yourself 3-5 days to explore the areas and then the properties, because it's always good to experience everything firsthand and choose carefully. Area, service, type and size of property - everything matters - pictures and text say a lot - but your own, direct opinion is what is needed.

Drop us a line at zalt@zaltproperties.com and we'll customize your trip with your wishes and goals as a guiding light.

When buying in a newly built building, we reimburse the travel expenses incurred (hotel and flight) for the amount of ISK 120,000. We will refund on the same day your real estate purchase is signed in front of notary public, at the Notary's office.

If you are already in Spain and want to find out, please let us know you; Drop us a line at zalt@zaltproperties.com or call 0034-966-194-155.

We welcome you to our beautiful new office at Calle Almoradi 5, 03103 in San Miguel de Salinas, (Alicante).

Purchasing a Property

When you find your dream property and an agreement has been reached on the purchase price, the next step is to sign a reservation agreement for the property and prepare a purchase agreement between the buyer and seller. Then the payment process will initiate, but the clause in the purchase agreement dictates on the delivery date and signing of the waiver in front of a notary at the Notary's office (compare. Spanish Magistrate).

All documents are interpreted in your language, so that the full understanding of the buyer is ensured. Following the signing of the waiver and full payment, the keys are delivered.

If you can't see yourself being there at that turning point, we will be here to help you out with a power of attorney that can happen at any point in time of the purchase process, whether with Notarius in Spain or with a magistrate in Iceland. If a power of attorney is made with a magistrate in Iceland, you must also obtain an "Apostille" stamp from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for certification of the relevant documents.

Iceland is part of the EEA agreement of the European Union and therefore, Icelanders do not need to have a residence or residence permit and can invest in real estate without further conditions.

Zalt Properties helps its clients investing in real estate in Spain to apply for a Spanish National Identification Number (NIE - número de identificación extranjero) and open a Spanish bank account.

We are at your fingertips until the end!

The set day of relinquishment is usually a day of great joy. Then you get your hands on "Copia simple", which is a copy of a deed proving the real estate purchase. After registration with the Real Estate Registration, you will receive an original waiver that must be taken care of and kept like the "apple of your eye".

If a real estate loan is taken out during the purchase, the commercial bank takes care of registration of the original copy for the purchase and the original copy of the mortgage loan, at the Real Estate Registration. Registration can take up to 1-2 months and you will then get the original after registration, which you need to take good care of.

There is a lot of excitement involved in buying real estate during its construction phase. Being far away and therefore not being able to monitor the construction process well enough can be uncomfortable, but don't worry because Zalt Propterties will regularly send you a report on the development of the building, just as if you were there yourself.

Most of our staff are real estate owners in Spain and have been in the situation, purchased real estate while under construction as well as resale real estate. Therefore we know the importance of being well informed and receiving regular reports on the purchasing- and construction period, when applicable.

Buying property in Spain is a real dream that could be part of your reality!

Cost of Purchase and Ownership of Property

The cost of buying real estate is considerably higher than Icelanders have gotten used to.

When buying a new real estate, you can estimate the cost of 13-14%, but 12-13% when buying a resale property. There of, 10% value added tax is calculated from the stated purchase price and is paid to the Spanish government upon signing the deed.

More Information On The Costs Of Purchasing And Operating a Property

  • Value added tax: Fixed 10% tax of the Spanish government upon purchase.
  • Notary costs, estimated: 0.5% fixed document and administration costs, depends on the price of the property.
  • Registration fee: 1.5% of the stated purchase price.
  • Borrowing fee, if a loan is taken: 0-1% of the loan amount.
  • Valuation, if a loan is taken: 250-550€, depending on the size of the property.
  • Energy contracts: 300-500€ (for new buildings only).
  • NIE number: 150€ per person.

Examples of real estate operating costs and taxes:

  • Community costs: 450-1.100€ – estimated cost to housing association, depends on whether lift, common green areas and swimming pool belongs to the property.
  • Property taxes: 120-300€ per year.
  • Home insurance: 250-500€ per year.
  • Water consumption: 20-40€ per month.
  • Electricity consumption: 60-100€ per month.
  • Internet and connection: 49€ for installation and connection and from approx 30€ for monthly use.
  • Property tax: 50€ and up, calculated based on the value of the plot and ownership share real estate. We calculate these costs for you, based on the correct available data.

All details about the cost of your property will be provided by us at Zalt Properties and we will also gladly answer all other questions you might have.

It should be noted that the cost of running a Spanish property; leisure center or long-term stay, varies according to consumption patterns at any given time. Over the hottest time, there is a further possibility of more energy-intensive use for air conditioning and more water consumption due to more frequent trips under the cooling pods, or due to air heating over colder times of year.

In addition to assisting with obtaining a Spanish National Identification Number (NIE), Zalt also assists with opening a Spanish bank account, where all direct payments and general charges related to the property are charged; such as water and electricity usage, internet, property taxes, housing association fees and insurance.

Automatic payments are a great comfort and safety.

To Invest In Yourself

Investing in yourself has never made more sense than now, to enjoy with loved ones, walking along the coastline, listening to the sound of the sea and holding hands. Have a nice time over a good meal during the day or evening and allow yourself to go on a shopping spree. The price is exceptionally good and the product selection varied. Good shops and quality products.

There are many beautiful places to visit on the Costa Blanca coastline. Mountains, waterfalls, sand, vegetation and endless beauty to marvel at. Beauty truly lies in the eye of the beholder. It's a short drive to big cities where you can soak up the culture or visit the small towns and enjoy what the countryside has to offer, not least during the blooming season of the almond trees.

The traffic culture is like every driver's mind, the city streets are easy to drive and driver consideration is generally held in high regard.

There is a rich tradition of "outdoor markets" in towns and villages, which can be found in many places on a daily basis. It's always fun to take part in the theater of the street, haggle and make a bargain. The fresh vegetables and fruits are second to none, all kinds of olives and onions available as well as Spanish sausages and ham, an unbeatable atmosphere that will not be forgotten for a long time.

The medical service is generally good, but it is important to have an interpreter to translate the spanish language. Don't forget the E-111 card, which is the European emergency card available at Sjúkratryggingar Íslands, we never know when we will need to have medical service. The dental services are also good and the prices are quite reasonable, different from what Icelanders are used to. As for the price level there are many things that are much better priced.

The Spanish school system is exemplary, whether it is about the Spanish public schools or private schools. Private schools are available in English, Norwegian and Spanish.

Spanish football is held in high esteem and there is great interest when the big and strong teams come together. Women's football has been in the spotlight a lot lately since the Spanish women's national team won the World Cup in the summer of 2023.

If you love playing golf, you are in the right place because here are a number of famous golf courses that players can visit and play. It is worth mentioning the world-class stadium Las Colinas, the popular La Finca stadium, Las Ramblas, Campoamor, Vistabella, Villamartin, Ronda and so many others that are well known to Icelandic golfers.

Icelanders are known for coming together and lifting themselves up, no matter if at- or away from home. There are numerous powerful Icelandic associations, and their goal is to promote solidarity, have fun and enjoy life. There are a lot of events that people can sign up for, go on trips, dance or just to meet over a cup of coffee and have a good chat.

We wholeheartedly recommend Spain - Viva España